Client Benefits ContractFX Datasheet

ContractFX™ Modularized Contract Management System

  • Enterprise-class contract management software
  • Web-based contract management software
  • Configurable to meet specific business needs
  • User-friendly (does not require IT intervention)
  • Robust (full contract lifecycle management)
  • Flexible configuration
  • Intuitive
  • Scalable
  • Easily set-up and managed
  • Advanced contract software features
  • Built upon the latest technologies

Key Benefits

ContractFX™ provides the following key benefits:

  • Multi-level Security to protect contract records and documents
  • Track Contract and related Tasks & Milestones
  • Standardized Processes and Procedures
    This helps to decrease maverick buying and decrease supply risk while increasing spend leverage. The net effect is that buys as a whole become less costly and more valuable and a much greater percentage of negotiated savings are captured by the business.
  • Spend Visibility
    Probably the most valuable benefit of a contract management system – which lets you know if you are buying from the suppliers you’re supposed to be buying from at the right times, quantities and prices – it can also help an organization standardize on consistent contract terms and conditions. Furthermore, it also allows for easy identification of contracts with suppliers in high risk zones due to natural disasters, political unrest, or economic uncertainty, which is critical to the development of appropriate organizational risk management strategies.
  • Contract Alert Notifications
  • Solid Foundation for Spend and Performance Analysis
    With all of the contract conditions and negotiated prices and fees in a central location, it’s a lot easier to compare actual purchases against contracted buys. This allows policy or regulation violations to be caught and dealt with immediately and insures that all spend is known and available to be appropriately leveraged in sourcing projects.
  • Rebate Management
    Contract Management systems make it easy to track rebates and insure that all of the savings negotiated in a sourcing cycle are captured.
  • Reduced Maverick Spending
    With a contract management system, a buyer can immediately determine if a contract exists, who the contracted suppliers are, and what the contracted prices are.
  • Evergreen Contract Elimination
    Without a contract management system to automatically alert a buyer of contracts coming up for automatic renewal, many auto-renewing contracts are likely to go unnoticed and automatically renew, locking the buyer in for another buying cycle. With a system in place, the buyer can be alerted weeks or months in advance, depending on how long a sourcing cycle normally takes for that commodity or service, and take appropriate action.
  • Contract Template Based Creation/Drafting with merging fields and clauses for enterprise customers
  • Clause Library
  • Track contract attachments with version tracking
  • Custom & Ad-Hoc Searching/Reporting
  • Flexible Workflow based on configurable rules
  • Contract Value and Budget Tracking
  • Contract Spend Tracking
  • Track Key Contract Dates
  • Advanced Calendar Notifications
  • E-Mail Contract & Task Alerts
  • Post Comments
  • Post Q&A
  • Legal Hold Management
  • PDF OCR and document text searching
  • Contract Version Tracking

Reduced Contract Cycle Times

ContractFX™ assists in eliminating common bottlenecks spanning the contract creation, negotiation, approval, and renewal/termination processes. The direct result from eliminating these potential bottlenecks is faster contract execution within your organization. Quickly create contracts within our systems' template manager that is fully integrated with MSWord with dynamic clauses.

Enhance Employee Productivity

Now more than ever, organizations and their employees are expected to do more with less. These stresses on productivity often lead to unwanted or unintentional shortcuts and omissions. ContractFX™ doesn't just automate common contract management workflow processes, but it has the ability to streamline processes by eliminating steps altogether.

Real-Time Risk Visibility

Many organizations have contracts scattered across varied business entities or in departmental systems, often locked in filing cabinets or hidden on individual employee hard drives. With such time-sensitive data and critical information scattered and decentralized, the risks and potential business losses increase exponentially.

ContractFX™ provides General Counsel, Sales Departments, Procurement, Compliance, IT and any other departmental entities or groups with instant access to every contract, committal or agreement needed through a central, unified contract repository.

Sustain Profitable Agreements

ContractFX™ offers real-time visibility on any and all existing committals and agreements. This real-time visibility provides a competitive advantage in negotiating new agreement terms and in consolidating committals and agreements with the best terms. ContractFX™ is a full featured contract creation/authoring utility to accurately and consistently create contract language and merge in contract details. By streamlining the contract authoring and negotiation processes, you and your organization can devote a greater quantity of time to focusing on unique and high-value aspects of your contracts.

Timely Contractual Obligations and Key Milestones. Traditional filing approaches taken by organizations all too regularly leave key contracts and information "forgotten" in massive stacks, cabinets or spreadsheets with important obligations missed. Our contract management software solutions extend beyond solely providing trigger-based alerts. With our sophisticated, yet simple to use workflow capabilities, your organization can ensure that its employees actually follow through on important items and reach critical contract milestones. ContractFX™ offers escalations, sequenced processes as well as tandem processes to ensure each of your obligations and milestones are met in the manner deemed necessary.


  1. Increase Compliance Eliminate cost overruns. Easily monitor contract activity and performance.
  2. Increase Staff Productivity Spend less time locating, researching, tracking, and managing contracts.
  3. Quick Implementation Up and running in as little as 24hrs. What more can we say?…saving and efficiency starts immediately!


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